Boarding at Diggs

Your dog will really DIGG it here! Here is why…

  • Diggs has trained staff that love to give your puppy the best care possible. We also live on the grounds so we are never far away when it comes to delivering the best care to your best friend.
  • All Diggs accommodations have solid walls…no cages in our facility. While in their dens or lofts dogs cannot see their neighbor therefore they remain calm and comfortable during their stay.
  • When it is time to make new friends your dog can hangout in the Diggs Playroom. The playroom is equipped with specialized padded flooring to ensure a non-skid, safe environment. The playroom is also climate controlled.
  • We really want to Digg your Dog! To make sure we get off on the right paw each dog and owner will have a 20-minute consultation prior to your first boarding at Diggs. This allows our staff to learn about you and your dog’s wishes. As a result your dog’s stay at Diggs is a customized experience. This consultation is free because it is important to us that your dog is comfortable while you are away.

We have 2 boarding options to accommodate the needs of all dogs.

Diggs Dens

  • The 6'x8' den is well suited for larger or more active dogs. Each dog has his/her own den unless they are traveling with a sibling in which they wish to share a den.
  • Whether they want to spend time inside in a climate controlled space, lay in the shade outdoors or bask in the sunshine their Diggs Den offers it all.
  • Dens come furnished or unfurnished. We encourage you to bring bedding and toys that are familiar to your puppy. If you prefer Diggs can provide a luxury cot for an additional daily charge.

Diggs Lofts

  • The Lofts are quaint, indoor and climate controlled. They are distinctly made for the comfort of small indoor dogs.
  • The 3'x3' accommodations are elevated so the height- challenged 4 legged friends can have a better view of the world.

Diggs Daycare

Is your dog turning into a couch potato? Drop your dog off at Diggs on your way to work and pick him up on your way home. He will get exercise, socialization with other dogs and interaction with our loving staff.

A Day in the Life of a Diggs Dog…,

7:00am - 8:00am
Rise and shine! A Diggs for Dogs staff member wakes each dog up to go outside and potty after a restful night of sleep.
7:30am – 8:30am
Tummy’s are growling…time for Breakfast!
8:30am – 11:00am
Access to outdoor runs to enjoy the morning air before playtime
Playtime begins! Dogs are assigned to a playgroup with other dogs of like temperament and size. As long as the weather is nice they can play in the large outdoor Diggs yard, for inclement weather they play inside our climate controlled Diggs playroom.
3:00pm – 5:00pm
Naptime for tired puppies! Back to the dens for quiet time before dinner.
5:00pm – 6:00pm
Dinner for all Diggs Dogs after a hard day of play.
6:00pm – 7:00pm
Last call! One last outside and a chance to go potty before bed.
7:00pm – 7:00am
Lights out! All dogs have fresh water, a comfy bed, soft music and their favorite toy before calling it a day.

What to bring…

Vaccination Records- Please bring a copy of your dogs vaccination records with you when you attend your consultation. All dogs must have the following before boarding: Rabies, Distemper (Parvo) and Bordetella. If you prefer, we will contact your vet and have the records sent. If you need this service please give us your vet’s contact information at the time of reservation. Also, we prefer that your dog has had a monthly flee and tick treatment. If you dog arrives with flees they will be treated at the owner’s expense.

Food- To make certain your dogs has his/her favorite meal and to ensure good digestion we also ask that you bring his/her food for the stay at Diggs for Dogs. Please enclose it in individual airtight containers…Ziploc bags work the best.

Medicines- Diggs for Dogs staff will give your dog medicines and supplements at no charge according to your detailed instructions. If necessary, please bring these items labeled with instructions in addition to your dog’s first and last name. Also, be sure to details the dosage and dispensing instructions on the registration form.

Toys- You are welcome to bring your dog’s favorite toy or pillow. Each Diggs Den has a corresponding “cubby” to ensure your dog has it’s favorite things while you are away.